Surge of New African American Genealogy Blogs

Recently there has been a huge surge of New African American Genealogy blogs. We have the new group African-American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research to thank for encouraging and guiding their creation as part of their mission to move African American genealogy forward, to break down brick walls and to form a community of researchers encouraging and sharing with each other.  Here are links to some of the new blogs, and a few older ones.  If you can, visit.  You might find something you were looking for.

There are other African American blogs listed above under “Some Blogs I Follow”.  If I left any off, mention them in the comment section.  I decided to add those blogs here just to be sure they are covered!

The blogs below are not necessarily part of the new group – African-American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research.  They are genealogy blogs written by African Americans.

9 thoughts on “Surge of New African American Genealogy Blogs

  1. Thank you Kristin. I’ve been a member of AAGSAR for a couple of weeks and missed many of the new blogs. Gone to visit and support the new blogs.

    1. Putting this list together was the first time I visited many of them. I know how thrilled I was to get a comment when I first started. Hey, I still am!

  2. Thanks for putting us on the Map! Thank You- Thank You-Thank You! Love this! I got a lot of visiting to do!

  3. Kristin thank you so much for being an AAGSAR champion! We’re advocating technology, skill development & collaboration because that is the ONLY way our research will survive [and progress] in the 21st Century. When I began blogging in 1999, I was the only AA genealogy around & there was no online community. Over the years, others have joined — many who were pushed by me — into the space, but even at our most populated, we’ve been at best, 12-15 bloggers strong. For 20 slave ancestored bloggers to bring their family research online at the same time is game-changing — for them personally & the online community. Let’s pray, work & churn to keep the momentum going. Ancestors are waiting!:)


  4. Thanks so much for posting this Kristen. We definitely have to show our support for one another. Look at all the new African American Bloggers now online and we as a group are encouraging more to get online. I’m so proud of the group, you, and the new Bloggers and I’m sure our Ancestors are proud as well. We have finally given them a home that they can be proud of….

  5. Thank you Kristin,

    I appreciate you including me among these great African American bloggers.
    Someday, I’m gonna get it (my blog) right!

    Peace & Blessings,
    “Guided by the Ancestors”

    1. George! I’m so glad you commented because I’ve been wanting to ask you, how can I comment on your blog? Or do you not want comments any more? I enjoy reading but sometimes I want to say something and cannot find a way to do it.

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