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This was my sixth year doing the A to Z Challenge. I took small social items from The Emancipator newspaper, published  between 1917 and 1920 in Montgomery, Alabama. The items were of marriage, death, travel and movement to other cities – Detroit, New York, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. Most were family or friends of my grandparents, Merchell and Fannie (Turner) Graham.

A to Z Challenge 2017

This year for my 5th A to Z Challenge, I  used  my 2Xs great  uncle, Thomas (Ray) Allen’s pension file as the basis for my blog posts. Thomas served in the United States Colored Calvary during the Civil War.  In his 115 page pension file, I was able to find family members, friends and veterans who served with him during the war, plus  the name of the man who had enslaved him.

header a-z 2016header ato z 2016This is my 4th year participating in the A to Z challenge.  This year I will be telling the stories of  people who were enslaved but made it to Freedom. Some of them left a lot of information. Some left only a name on a photograph and the information in a census record. I discovered some while researching my own extended family history.  They all left a story.


2015_bannerheader a-z 2015 cleagesThis year I blogged a series of sketches about the free people  formerly enslaved on the Cleage plantations in Athens, Tennessee. I also wrote about some of their descendents.

atoz-2014-banner-910header_witherspoonI blogged everyday using items taken from the letters written by my grandfather to my grandmother from 1907 to 1912, starting with “A” and moving right through the alphabet to “Z” during April.

  1. A is for Albert Buford Cleage – December 7, 1907
  2. B is for Book – March 8, 1909
  3. C is for Comet – May 27, 1910
  4. D is for Detroit – June 20, 1909
  5. E is for Eastern States – June 26, 1909
  6. F is for Flower Clock – September 14, 1909
  7. G is for Graduation – February 10, 1910
  8. H is for Henry Hummons – August 9, 1909
  9. I is for I’ll Take a Chance – December 8, 1908
  10. Extra: 4 Bonus Cards – 7/20/1909, 7/28/1909, 8/21/1909,  9/3/1909
  11. J is for June – Cadavers Post Card – June 19, 1909
  12. K is for Kenwood – March 30, 1909
  13. L is for Lincoln Hospital – March 18, 1910
  14. M is for Mother – February 21, 1910
  15. N is for Nineteen Ten Fayette Street – October 18, 1909
  16. O is for Opportunity and Operation – March 22, 1910
  17. P is for Pearl – July 21, 1910
  18. Q is for Questions – May 27, 1910
  19. R is for Remember – July 15, 1909
  20. S is for Sight Seeing – June 28, 1909
  21. T is for Thomas Dixon – January 21, 1910
  22. U is for Union Station (graduation) – June 21, 1910
  23. V is for Vaudeville -July 15, 1909
  24. W is for Wedding – September 2, 1910
  25. Extra: Home is Where the Heart Is – July 14, 1911
  26. X is for eXsenator & X-ray (Log cabin) – July 21, 1911
  27. Y is for Young Albert – July 11, 1911
  28. Z is for Zoo and Kalamazoo – July 9, 1912
  29. Letter From Albert B. Cleage to Pearl Reed – October 30, 1910


2013 atoz bannerheader_wrapupThis was my first A-Z Challenge.  My main purpose when I started was to make myself write more. It worked. Before April 1, I filled in the calendar with a topic for each day.  I didn’t have a theme that year.

  1. A is for Anna Allen Reed
  2. B is for Buford Avritt
  3. C is for Cleage Bricks
  4. D is for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Pharmacists
  5. E is for Emancipation
  6. F is for My Fiercely Creative Family
  7. G is for Grandmothers
  8. H is for Henry William Cleage
  9. I is for Inventions
  10. J is for Jacob Graham
  11. K is for Kindergarten
  12. L is for Long Ago – House War Workers March – 1942 Detroit
  13. M is for the Music of Hubert Averette
  14. N is for a Nostalgic Interview With Henry Cleage
  15. O is for Off On A Tangent
  16. P is for Poultry
  17. Q is for Questions, Questions and More Questions
  18. R is for Relatives, of the Elusive Kind
  19. S is for Sibling
  20. T is for Teacher
  21. U is for Umbrella
  22. V is for Very Confusing
  23. W is for Wilverlyn Williams
  24. X is for X-ray
  25. Y is for Yacht
  26. Z is for Zeke

The year before I participated in the A to Z Challenge, I participated in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge in which we posted once a week using the letters of the alphabet in order. I did the streets in my life – amazingly I was able to do all letters of the alphabet and still didn’t cover all of the streets in my life. You can find a list of those posts here -> The Streets of My Life

2 thoughts on “A to Z posts

  1. Kristin: In a 2013 blog, you talked about Abraham Graham. My wife and I are producing a documentary on the old sanatorium where he died in 1948. We have access to the patient admission cards and the Death/Burial Permit books in the Summit County Records office, where we are doing a great deal of research. If you would like, I will look for Abraham’s records, copy them, and forward them to you. Best regards. Fred

    Fred Endres, Professor Emeritus, Kent State University
    Kathleen Endres, Professor, University of Akron

  2. Pleased to see you signed up again in 2018 – look forward to reading your posts again this year. Best wishes Anne

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